Since its time of inception, FlexStone has been synonymous to a new culture associated with its brand - "The Cladding Culture". And Clusterstone patterns aptly signify the same.

As the name suggests, clusterstone are selection of number of stones combined together to form a "cluster" pattern. Each stone is carefully selected for size, shape, texture and colour to replicate natural stone appearance. Unlike natural stones, clusterstone are lightweight, easy to install and free from algae and fungus.

Clusterstone is designed for DIY and self build customers. It can be applied to most surfaces effortlessly. Clusterstone are suitable for both interior and exterior application such as facade of an individual bungalow, high-rise buildings, garden walls, fireplaces, feature walls, etc. In order to provide a 360-degree cladding solution, we also manufacture polymer based Clusterstone adhesives. These matching colour adhesive blends with the colour of Clusterstone, making the wall look joint less. These adhesives also ensure the lifelong bonding of Clusterstone with the wall under any adverse weather conditions.

The various Clusterstone profiles in all available colors can be viewed here.